Keep Calves Alive! FAQs


How to tell if a calf is dehydrated

Scours - Slight Dehydration- 1 Bottle Zone 

From 1-5% loss of body weight, you can't tell that the calf is dehydrated! 

"Halfway Dead" Mild Dehydration (6-7%) - 2 Bottle Zone 

 But when dehydration reaches 6-7% you can see that the calf's eyes begin to sink and ears begin to droop. The more severely dehydrated the deeper the eyes sink. If you pinch the skin on the neck, it takes 1-3 seconds to snap back. Normally, this is instantaneous.  

"Mostly Dead" - Moderate Dehydration (8-9%)

When dehydration exceeds 8%, the calf is severely dehydrated. 

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