The Calf Guru Monthly Teleconference

2 1/2 Hours of Profitable Ideas!


Each Teleconference starts with a brief, 30 minute presentation where we'll drill down into a particular topic chosen by The Calf Guru. Then, we have 2 hours of questions and answers. You provide the questions and The Calf Guru provides the answers. Questions can be live from call participants or emailed in advance by members.

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Attendance to a conference costs $100-$300 per day. That doesn't even count travel expenses and time away from home. The Calf Guru Monthly Teleconference is $195 per call and only $24.99 per month with a yearly membership. It's 2 1/2 hours of timely profitable information and ideas from the comfort of your phone or computer. 

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Stay Ahead of the Herd!


When times get tough, the most profitable will succeed and those who are losing money will fall by the wayside. Regardless of the size of your calf operation, The Calf Guru Teleconference will help you to lower your cost of production, improve calf performance, and increase your profitability! We offer a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. 

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CD, MP3, PDF, or Hard Copy


Members have access to the teleconference to download (MP3 and PDF) and listen to again and again. Or, we'll send you a CD every month if you prefer. We can send a hard copy transcript in the mail for those who prefer that format. 

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2nd Tuesday of Every Month



Teleconference Schedule for 2019

15 JAN              9 JUL

12 FEB             13 AUG

12 MAR            10 SEP

16 APR            15 OCT*

14 MAY            12  NOV

11 JUN             10 DEC 

*Note change to 3rd Tuesday

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The Calf Guru Library


Teleconference members also have exclusive access to The Calf Guru's library. This includes articles and presentations written by The Calf Guru as well as over 2000 research publications on calves from around the world. Want to know more about a particular topic? Teleconference members can choose articles and we'll email a copy to you. 

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